Below are a selection of my video blogs tailored to recovery & addiction.

I have been sober for 4 years now, following a 15 year battle with addiction.

I want to share what I have learnt about the recovery process in my time as a service user, volunteer, support worker and recovery worker.

There is a mix of bio-psychosocial therapy, meta-programming, meta-linguistics and meditation theory, all of which I found very useful on my recovery journey.

Bio-psychosocial therapy is the understanding that multiple factors affect our recovery: biological & genetic disposition including physical health; psychological make up and mental health; and social factors including friends, family, housing, finance, relationships.

Bio-psychosocial treatment is delivered either via 1-to-1 key-work of through peer support groups and is considered a variety of cognitive behavioural therapy.

Meta-programming is understanding that we essentially operate like a computer and we can remove old ‘bad’ programs by adopting new, useful modes of being.  We carefully adjust how we ‘think’ of ourselves and how we operate in the world.

Meta-linguistics is similar to meta-programming however its more directed towards the language we use on or about ourselves.  I mean we’ve all done the negative self talk “I’m stupid/I’m a failure/I’m not good enough”.  So we look to ignore the detrimental sub-conscious mind (it’s just part of being human I am afraid) and focus on enacting positive change through language.

Meditation plays a pivotal role in the recovery I teach because sustained daily meditation practice allows us to develop insight.  This insight then allows us to understand ourselves better and prise apart the intricacies of our personality.  We can notice triggers & cravings but instead of reacting to them, we respond in a healthy and less destructive manner.

10 Ways To Cut Back

Addiction, Drugs & Meditation

Top Tips For A Sober Christmas

Meditation, Psychedelics & Addiction: My Story

The following videos are not specific to addiction & recovery, however they provide insight into building a life that facilitates healthy recovery through taking care of ones self.

10 Ways To Nurture Your Light Body

Sleep Hygiene

Near Enemies

The Perception Deception

The Map Is Not The Territory

10 Ways To Spot Toxic People

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