Running monthly I aim to bring you interesting and engaging guests to widen perspective and put positive change out into the aether.

Part of my healing journey is to share what I have learnt along my way in a bid to help others become the excellent beings they were put on earth to be.

My aim is to keep the podcast informative yet alluring; accessible yet challenging so we discuss a wide range of topics from meditation to consciousness, psychedelics to recovery, addiction to mental health.

We look at metaphysics, epigenetics, Shamanism as well as health, wellbeing and enacting safe, positive change. .

No topics are taboo so be prepared to be challenged and have your reality tunnel widened a little.

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Upcoming shows include: The Modern Hermeticist; Dan Stezo; Psychonautic Express; Dr Joe Delany; Pineal Mind; Kevin Daw and more.

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The Interconnect Podcast 001 with special guest Dan Stezo