My Meditation Journey

I started my meditation journey in 2005 after reading a book by the Dalai Lama. 13116342_587212981445504_3585517855336214983_oI was seriously depressed and drinking heavily.

There was just no meaning in my life, just working for the weekend, struggling to get by.

Heck, it was more like working to get to the pub each day than living a life!

H.H. Dalai Lama’s words rang so true I decided to embark on what would unfold to be the cornerstone of my recovery story and an easily integrated component of my daily life:


It took a while to pick up with my hectic, wrecked lifestyle but i persevered as i soon noticed changes to my state of being.

I started teaching meditation in 2013 while volunteering in the community for the local alcohol service.

This quickly led to me picking up paid work as a support worker for the substance misuse service in HMP Exeter.

I then rose to the level of recovery worker, carrying a caseload of 30+ clients.

Meditation was a vital tool in helping my clients view themselves, and thus the world, differently.  I even received feedback that a client was able to avoid violence following an altercation, thanks to the meditation I had taught him!13221270_594464330720369_5527326210228922312_o

I now teach meditation via Interconnect workshops across the Blackdown Hills in the south west of England.

I also teach 1-to-1 meditation via Skype, or in person. Suitable for all ages and levels of experience.

Presently I have taken a break from all live teaching  due to ill health.

With practice and dedication, meditation can act as a base for:

• Desirable changes in sense of well-being
• Improved interpersonal relationships
• Improved concentration & awareness
• Improved regulation of physical pain
• Improved regulation of emotional pain
• Reduction in blood pressure
• Increased ability to manage stress, anxiety and depression
• Improved general health and attitude to life
• Letting go of past concerns and actions
• Reduced worry over future
• Improved capacity to appreciate or enjoy life internally (away from external stimulus, alcohol, drugs, food, material goods)

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