Meditation: Beginner’s Guide

Meditation Vs. Mindfulness: What is the difference?

I discuss the difference between the practice of meditation and the application of mindfulness.

Beginner’s Guide To Sitting

How long, where, how often? These are all very frequently asked questions, in today’s vlog I set out the best time frames and cycles for the practice.

Beginner’s Guide To Sitting 2

Advice on how to sit properly yet comfortably, fully annotated with diagrams and instructions to suit all requirements

Beginner’s Guide To Breathing

The breath can often be a hinderance to beginners so today’s video looks at how to breathe naturally and comfortably to get the best out of your meditation session.

Beginner’s Guide To Thoughts & Thinking 

A nuts & bolts introduction to the process of thinking and thoughts during meditation.

The Different Types Of Meditation

An impromptu video blog about the different styles of meditation, their uses and general characteristics.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Meditation

A video blog about the benefits of a sustained meditation practice.

I also touch on the very small risk of potential drawbacks from sustained practice.