Binaural Beats


Binaural beats are auditory brain-stem responses which originate in the superior olivary nucleus of each brain hemisphere.

They result from two different auditory impulses or sounds, heard from opposite ears.

Produced in my studio at home and specifically created as a healing tool, these binaural exercises are layered with tonal drones to produce further harmonics and promote deeper states of mind.

I have been working with these specific sounds with a view to helping people stimulate their learning centres, recall memories, increase creative output and to offer those unfamiliar with traditional meditation a chance to enter deeper states of consciousness more readily.

To get the most out of this exercise use headphones or sit in the middle of the stereo image produced by Hi-Fi systems…i.e. in between left & right speakers as best as possible.

Approach the exercise lying down, or preferably seated on a meditation cushion with eyes closed while breathing naturally.

Volume 1 “Alchemist’s Dream” 4.08Hz Theta Wave Binaural Beats

In this meditation we will be working with Theta brain waves (3 to 8 Hz) with the binaural profile for this exercise set at 4.08Hz.

Theta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. They act as our gateway to learning and memory.

In theta, our senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on signals originating from within.

Qualities of the Theta brain wave activity:

4.5 Hz – Brings about Shamanic/Tibetan state of consciousness, Tibetan chants.
4.9 Hz – Induce relaxation and deeper sleep
4.9 Hz – Introspection. Relaxation, meditation
5 Hz – Reduces sleep required. Theta replaces need for extensive dreaming
5.35 Hz – Allows relaxing breathing, free and efficient
5.5 Hz – Inner guidance, intuition
6.5 Hz – Centre of Theta frequency. Activates creative frontal lobe
7.5 Hz – Activates creative thought for art, invention, music. Problem solving
7.5 Hz – Ease of overcoming troublesome issues
7.83 Hz – Schumann earth resonance. Grounding, meditative, Leaves you revitalized
3 – 8 Hz – Deep relaxation, meditation. Lucid dreaming
3 – 8 Hz – Increased memory, focus, creativity
4 – 7 Hz – Profound inner peace, emotional healing. Lowers mental fatigue
4 – 7 Hz – Deep meditation, near-sleep brainwaves.

Volume 2 “Shaman’s Journey” 2Hz Super Deep Delta Wave Binaural Beats

Delta are the slowest band of waves that our brains produce and they occur when we are in deep, dreamless sleep. These waves are very beneficial for the body which restores and heals itself when in this state.

The delta state releases anti-aging hormones, including melatonin and DHEA. Human growth hormone (HGH) is another anti-aging hormone that is increased when delta brainwaves are occurring inside the brain, due to the stimulation of the pituitary gland.

HGH maintains the skin, bone density, cartilage, and the joints in your body as well as speeds up the healing process of joint and cartilage injuries. HGH can also help heal physical pain.

In healthy amounts, delta brainwaves can also cause a person to have an advanced state of empathy, understanding, and compassion for others.

Delta is the place of deepest relaxation, deepest healing, deepest spiritual connection and deepest connection with the subconscious mind. It is considered to be the gateway to the unconscious mind and the collective unconscious, bringing access to the universal psyche or mind

Volume 3 “Earthworker’s Rhythm” 7.08Hz ‘Schumann Resonance Binarual Beats

The 7.83 Hz – Schumann earth resonance is a grounding, meditative beat that leaves you revitalized and connect to the resopnance of the planet Earth.

Alpha Brainwaves are  considered to be the bridge between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

Features and Benefits of an Alpha State

  •  Our brain hemispheres become naturally synchronized, or in-phase with each other.
  • Relaxed detached (absent-minded) awareness and daydreaming mind.
  • Enables us to remember our dreams and meditative states.
  • Link between conscious and subconscious mind, gateway to meditation.
  • Receptive to casual and auto – suggestions (hypnosis state)
  • Increased vividness benefits creative visualization and triggers imagination
  • Increased  memory retention , concentration & focus for super learning

Health benefits include:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Alleviates stress and depression
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Reduction of high blood pressure
  • Increases athletic performance
  • Increased  cerebral blood flow
  • Increased motivation, energy, and happiness

When teaching meditation in the community I use Calming Breath meditation cushions exclusively

And recommend Nag Champa Incense


If you are using a pacemaker, or if you have had or are prone to seizures, or are epileptic, then brain entrainment technologies (included in many of the recordings available on this website), should only be used with permission from your Medical Doctor.

This information & the meditation exercises contained herein are not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any illness, health issue or otherwise. If you have any existing physical or mental health conditions I request that you consult a doctor or physician before attempting these exercises.

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