Interconnect is the creation of Oliver Arthur Morgan.

I practice the exploration of consciousness through a multi-faceted, creative approach.

My practice is centred around Vipassana meditation, alchemy, hermetics, music, art and metaphysics, with an emphasis on deep self-discovery.

In 2013 i healed myself of 15 years worth of alcoholism and drug addiction through a combination of meditation, bio-psychosocial interventions and the use of plant teachers in a Shamanic setting.

I now feel compelled to spread what i have learnt in a bid to help other people tranform themselves to become excellent!

I teach 1-to-1 Vipassana meditation, authentic living and esoteric philosophy via my YouTube channel; through Skype and in person. I also deliver live meditation and wellbeing workshops across the Blackdown Hills – times vary, see Twitter for details.

I  substance misuse key work and metaphysical guidance, holding a space for you to talk freely about life experiences and phenomena while working on a personal and energetic level.

All enquiries: interconnect_meditation@protonmail.com