Oliver Arthur Morgan is a British meditation teacher and mystic hailing from the southwest of England.

In 2013 Ollie healed himself of 15 years worth of alcoholism and drug addiction through a combination of meditation, bio-psychosocial interventions and the use of plant teachers in a shamanic setting.

Since then he has been on a journey to interconnect with his higher self and reconcile the paradox called life. The primary focus of his attention is the human condition and how to ameliorate the suffering inherent in life.

To achieve this Ollie continues on the shamanic path and teaches Vipassana meditation and practical mysticism through his YouTube channel, website and Soundcloud, links can be found below.

Drawing on influences ranging from Hermeticism to Dharma to Gnosticism to Shamanism and beyond, Ollie works with these modalities in his own unique way and blends them into understandable, practical, accessible axioms as an antidote to the toxicity of modern life.