Is It OK To Profit From Spirituality?
Thanks to Roman Apollo for sending in this excellent question.

Is it ok to profit from spirituality?

I discuss the difference between selling actual tangible products vs the hokum we see for sale on sites like Fiverr etc.

If you aren’t familiar with the services on offer, check them out yourself:

I’d like to point out that I laugh about the PewDiePie Fiverr experiment simply because its so outrageous, not because I’m anti-semitic…fairly sure there’s Jewish blood in my family as it happens.

So yeah, buy my guided meditations below or i will curse you all and turn you into chickens or something.

8 guided meditations to download and keep featuring classic Vipassana & Samadhi meditations, as well as relaxation, grounding and binaural beats exercises.

Hours of meditation to keep forever for only 10 bucks!

Follow this link and select ‘Buy digital discography’

Interconnect with your higher-self.

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Technimatic – Abseil – Shogun Audio © & ℗ 2016

Taken from the album “Better Perspective” available now.

Licensed for use by Shogun Audio – big thanks to Andy & Pete from Technimatic and Max at Shogun for allowing my use of the track.

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