Did they “shut him down” ? Jordan Peterson @ MacMaster

jordan peterson macmaster university

Professor Jordan B Peterson was due to give a talk at MacMasters University yesterday, “activists” however, had other ideas.

Delightful chants of ‘shut him down’ and ‘transphobic piece of shit’ ring across the auditorium while Peterson, calm & collected, responds to their goading with style.

The event then gets shut down only for Peterson to conduct an audience outside to the delight of the students of MacMasters University.

If you aren’t familiar with Dr Peterson’s work I highly recommend checking his YouTube channel where he records his University of Toronto psychology lectures for all to digest:


Recommended lectures:

Strengthen the individual

Reality & the Sacred

Maps of Meaning 2017 Lecture 1

Personality 2017 Lecture 1


Jordan Peterson on The Joe Rogan Experience



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