Hey Jeff, Let’s Talk About Heroin


Taking a quick moment away from my gardening to make a video about a subject thats very close to my heart…..so yeah Jeff Sessions, lets talk about heroin.

To compare cannabis to heroin is to be so out of touch with consensus reality, it beggers belief this man is allowed to hold office.

In today’s video I look at how heroin is the MOST harmful drug a person can consume, drawing on studies from Prof. David Nutt, as well as my own experiences with all manner of drugs in the criminal justice system and the wider community.

Please share this video so that we can spread the word about the real differences between cannabis and heroin to the ill or mis-informed.

Background, I am 4 years sober from 15 years of alcoholism and drug addiction. Since then i have volunteered and worked in both the community and the criminal justice system here in the UK as a group co-ordinator, support worker and recovery worker.

These roles have led to me to work with a wide range of people, from all backgrounds, with varying degrees of addiction to both legal and illegal psychoactive substances.

The sheer lunacy of Jeff Sessions to say that marijuana is only ‘slightly less awful’ than heroin is mis-information of the highest order.

Read: Drugs Without The Hot Air by Prof. David Nutt US

Read: Drugs Without The Hot Air by Prof. David Nutt UK http://amzn.to/2icZmMN



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