Buzzfeed Smears Conspiracy YouTube Channels

As the mainstream media’s hegemonic grip on the narrative slips away faster than they can say #resistcapitalism, the smear pieces ramp up to extraordinary levels.

I’m chipping in because this piece is paving the way for attacks on all alternative media (Ii.e. that which doesn’t fit with the globalist narrative) and smearing people like David Seaman, who appear to be doing excellent investigative journalism and a stellar job of uncovering the dark truth of the Podesta emails.

Bit by bit free speech is being encroached upon and the mainstream parasites like Buzzfeed are simply mouthpieces for the corporate sponsors that seek to stifle free thought, free speech and free action.

Twitter is dead.
Facebook is so heavily manipulated its gone.
The lunatic left media now focus on YouTube and aim to cut revenue for ideas they don’t like.
*slow hand clap.

The original article is here:

Support David Seaman’s investigative actual journalism

As I said in the video please support my Patreon account if you like the channel and want to help create more content.

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