Layers pt. 2

A follow up to the last talk on layers.

The comments on the first video sparked me to talk a bit further about my ideas and go a little deeper.

We got some great aspirants in the audience here folks so taking things to the next level….

Or should I say layer? Watch below for more info

We are influenced by the exoteric layers of society, culture, empire; but also by our own esoteric inner layers comprised of the personality, psyche, self and soul.

Prising them all apart from each other and understanding the shape of the system and the nature of the layers allows us to break free from social empirical conditioning and interconnect with our higher selves.

Hermetic kabbalah provides a great framework for understanding the self and the Tree of Life is a superb schematic of the various layers we can investigate.

Watch Layers pt. 1 here

Watch ‘What are we?’ here:

Recommended reading for Hermetic Kabbalah and the Tree of Life

Hermetic Kabbalah by Colin A. Low US

Hermetic Kabbalah by Colin A. Low UK

Tree of Life by Israel Regardie US

Tree of Life by Israel Regardie UK

Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune US

Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune UK

Practical Qaballistic Middle Pillar exercise:

However, be warned, as the teacher says:

“The student should have arrived at a fair understanding of himself, his motives, and the mechanism of his mind, and integrated himself more or less thoroughly so that no dissociation or serious neurosis exists within the psyche.
For the presence of a powerful complex of associated ideas in the unconscious, or a marked dissociation splitting off one part of the psyche from the other, will have the effect of short-circuiting the flow of energy generated or released by the Middle Pillar.
An explosion in the form of a complete nervous breakdown, or even of the destruction of mental stability, will be a likely result. Many instances have been known of unprepared students contracting fatal physical illnesses through attempting work of this nature, though this is more true where Eastern exercises have been unwisely attempted.
Some of these unfortunates, when the dissociation was rendered complete, have succumbed to chronic melancholia or taken their own lives.
These warnings are not intended to be portentous or terrifying, but only to impress upon the student the solemnity of these undertakings, a journey of self-conquest than which nothing could compare in importance or seriousness.” ~ Israel Regardie

Alex Jones on The Joe Rogan Experience 911

My “New World Disorder” mixtape (dark electronica)

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