10 Ways To Cut Back Alcohol Intake

Just stop I hear you cry!

Well for some people it’s not that easy.

I was addicted to alcohol for 15 years and just stopping wasn’t on the agenda! I battled with recovery for a good 5 years before I cracked it and i soon learned that any reduction of daily intake is a good thing.

There is a danger though, if 24+ units of alcohol are consumed daily then just stopping can literally be life threatening. Seizures, strokes, heart attacks, all of these deadly conditions can be invoked by going cold turkey.

In fact, alcohol is the only drug where its withdrawal can kill you. Straight up.

I mean heroin detox is horrendous, don’t get me wrong, but you aren’t gonna have a life threatening stroke.  Crack will of course give you a heart attack, but you’re not going to keel over if you stop smoking crack.

I learnt over time that there are ways and techniques to reduce ones intake safely.  So whether you are stuck for ways to cut back on daily usage or are just curious as to the psychology behind addiction and recovery, then this video if for you.

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