Understanding Toxic Personalities

I’m a magnet it seems.  I attract some of the most amazing and beautiful people into my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

But let us not forget the Hermetic principle of polarity, that is, one cannot attract the positive without the negative coming along for the ride.

With the beautiful people have come a few (more than a few in fact) rather more ugly souls.  It’s not like i did anything wrong, it’s more that my discernment was pretty bloody poor and I foolishly accepted people in to my life that perhaps I should have kept at arms length.

You live and learn, and that’s whats really motivated me to create the toxic people series, my experiences with said delights!

There really are solid character traits that underpin these alarming personalities and so I want to put this information out there to help others understand, identify and deal with people in their lives that cause pain, misery and heartache no matter what the circumstance.

I discuss the psychology behind toxic personality while presenting a few of my own observations coupled with some esoteric teachings to get some understanding of the underlying psychopathology that underpins the toxic personality.

Again, lets be clear, this isn’t a witch hunt, i am simply offering ideas to help people manage the toxic people in their lives.

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