Near Enemies

Our undercover ego, that is the darker aspect of ourselves that we either ignore or are completely unaware of, tricks us by offering a false projection of our emotional state, as opposed to our actual emotional state.

These emotionally inverse simulacrums are indistinguishable to the untrained eye and subsequently they undermine our reality and distort our perceptions.

The teaching itself comes from Buddhist philosophy and I feel it’s very relevant in today’s modern culture. We see so much ‘virtue signalling’ and these ‘holier than thou’ attitudes, it appears that there is much compassion & kindness in the world.

I suggest however that there are often darker undertones to these seemingly virtuous, self-less states of being.

The near enemy of compassion is pity.
The near enemy of emptiness is nihilism.
The near enemy of equanimity is apathy.
The near enemy of self-love is narcissism.
The near enemy of charity is virtue signalling.
The near enemy of love is lust.
The near enemy of joy is jealousy.
The near enemy of wisdom is ignorance.

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Please forgive the video quality, its not great but the message is well worth digesting and considering.

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