Create 2017 With Your Thoughts

This is a couple weeks old now, but heck, I only started the site yesterday so all can be forgiven 🙂

Some impromptu thoughts I recorded just before the clock struck 12 on new year’s eve.

We absolutely can create the reality we want to live in during the coming new year, we simply need to focus our minds, clear out the clutter and crystallise what we want to achieve.

On a broader scale, not being held hostage by the fake news media and rising out of the empire state of mind can go a long way to securing freedom and emancipating oneself from mental slavery.

However we need to learn focus, visualise exactly what we want out of life and be sure to only set the bar as ourselves.

For more information, check my vlog in the link below.

Other places to find me:

Instagram: @inter_connect_

About me:

Interconnect is the creation of Oliver Arthur Morgan.

I look at the exploration of consciousness through guided Vipassana meditations, esoteric philosophy & self-transformation content alongside original musical productions and journeys by DJ.

As part of my lifelong spiritual journey i healed myself in 2012 of 15 years worth of alcoholism and drug addiction through a combination of meditation, bio-psychosocial interventions and the use of plant teachers in a shamanic setting.

I now feel compelled to spread what i have learnt in a bid to help other people make themselves excellent!

I teach 1-to-1 Vipassana meditation and self transformation via Skype, or in person as well as delivering live group workshops across the Blackdown Hills – times vary, see Twitter for details.

I also offer substance misuse key work and metaphysical guidance, having worked both in the criminal justice system and the community as a recovery worker. I hold a space for you to talk freely about life experiences and phenomena while working on a personal and energetic level.

This channel is completely independent and is supported by donations. If you like the content please consider subscribing via Patreon for as little as $1 per month!

Intro & outro music:

Technimatic – Abseil – Shogun Audio © & ℗ 2016

Taken from the album “Better Perspective” available now.

Licensed for use by Shogun Audio – big thanks to Andy & Pete from Technimatic and Max at Shogun for allowing my use of the track.

Shogun Audio on YouTube:…


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