10 Good Habits I Am Nurturing In 2017

Ok sorry its another new year’s post but I have got myself all excited with my new wordpress site and cant wait to fill it with content.

On a recent vlog from the the last day of 2016 i discuss 10 good habits to nurture in 2017.

From growing food to cutting out social media, it all helps raise ones vibration and increase knowledge of self.

I find conserving light to be a big part of my change, more fruit, more sun, more fresh air, more meditation, less frantic panic and stressful rumination.

Since I recorded this video I have already turned over the garden ready for the fresh spring bulbs, eaten I have no idea how many mangos and really begun to push forward with my plans, one of which is starting this site.

Nurturing good habits also helps me recognise my bad traits and adjust the meta-programme accordingly.  I truly believe its healthy to know ones strengths and weaknesses, and to tackle them with vigour and gusto.

Shying away from ones own darkness, and trust me, we all have darkness within us, is a very dangerous path that cost me dearly a few times.  The often touted new age position of avoiding negatively is not productive if one truly wants to live authentically.

We must face the shadow and get it in check.

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