10 Ways To Spot Toxic People

Today i present 10 ways to spot toxic people in 2017.

We all have them in our lives but identifying and dealing with them can be tricky.

I present a few of my own observations coupled with some esoteric teachings to get some understanding of the underlying psychopathology that underpins the toxic personality.

Let’s also be clear, this isnt a witch hunt, i am simply offering ideas to help people manage the toxic people in their lives.

Recommended Reading:

The Hermetic Kabbalah – Colin A Low

Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson (excellent psychology)

The Labyrinth of the Psychopath by Thomas Sheridan

Other places to find me:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/inter_connect
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Inter_Connect_
Instagram: @inter_connect_ (new account!!)
Minds: https://www.minds.com/Interconnect_Meditation

About me:

Interconnect is the creation of Oliver Arthur Morgan.

I look at the exploration of consciousness through guided Vipassana meditations, esoteric philosophy & self-transformation content alongside original musical productions and journeys by DJ.

In 2013 i healed myself of 15 years worth of alcoholism and drug addiction through a combination of meditation, bio-psychosocial interventions and the use of plant teachers in a shamanic setting.

I now feel compelled to spread what i have learnt in a bid to help other people make themselves excellent!

I teach 1-to-1 Vipassana meditation and self transformation via Skype, or in person as well as delivering live group workshops across the Blackdown Hills – times vary, see Twitter for details.

I also offer substance misuse key work and metaphysical guidance, having worked both in the criminal justice system and the community as a recovery worker. I hold a space for you to talk freely about life experiences and phenomena while working on a personal and energetic level.

This channel is completely independent and is supported by donations. If you like the content please consider subscribing via Patreon for as little as $1 per month!


Intro & outro music:

Technimatic – Abseil – Shogun Audio © & ℗ 2016

Taken from the album “Better Perspective” available now.

Licensed for use by Shogun Audio – big thanks to Andy & Pete from Technimatic and Max at Shogun for allowing my use of the track.

Shogun Audio on YouTube:



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